Saija-Reetta Kotirinta (or just Sare to her friends and acquiantances) has been a professional actress since 1998. She has studied acting at the Theatre Laboratory in ECS. Saija-Reetta became a well known name after creating the role of Inka Haapala for the television series Salatut Elämät (Secret Lives) (MTV3, 2001-2004). As a television host, Sare has worked on the programs Jyrki (MTV3 1999) and Piiri (SUB, 2008).

Her roles in musical theatre include; Venla in Firekid (Teatteri Pieni Suomi, 2000), Rosalia in West Side Story (Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri 2001), Marty in Grease (UIT/HKT, 2002), Crissy in Hair (UIT, 2003), Anybodys in West Side Story (Tampereen Teatteri, 2005), and Christmas Eve in Avenue Q (Savoy-teatteri, 2007).

Saija-Reetta has also performed in the musicals Sound of Music (HKT 1998), Joulukertomus (Savoy, 2000), Linnunradan Laidalla (Peacock, 2005), and Blue Media’s Promenade of Fame Show (Silja Symphony, 2006), as well many other performances, commercials, and films as an actor, singer, and dancer. Her voice has also been heard on both the Barbie Animation and Hannah Montana tv series.

Since 2007 Sare has been a member of the acting company at the City Theatre of Seinäjoki, where she has performed in the productions of Linjat Kuumana (2007), Viidakkopoika (2008), Sopusointu (2009), Ei Ketään Kotona (2009), and the musicals Muukalaisia Yössä (2007), Titanic (2008),  Tivolilapset (2008) and Puhdistus (2010).

After Seinäjoki she got lovely a daughter and stayed at home a while. After maternity leave she started to study: first in Artistivalmennus in Ikaalinen (2011-2012) and then in HEO Lauluntekijäkoulutus (2012-2013). She´s been working also: musical Peter Pan in Särkänniemi 2011, Beatles Forever show in Koitto theatre 2012, Levottomat jalat summertheatre in Jyväskylä 2013, Rod Stewart show on Viking Line Mariella 2014 and at the City Theatre of Valkeakoski in musical James Dean and in comedy  Tähti ja sen sisko (2013-2014).

She has published singles with musicvideos ”Auki ja rikki” (2012) ”Rakkaus ei riitä” (2013) and ”Näkymätön tyttö” (2014). She concentrates to the lyrics and does mostly cowriting with composer-musician Samuli Laiho. Next step is gonna be her debyt album.

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